I IMAGINE, I CAPTURE, I DESIGN. I am an independent, creative, thoughtful individual who sees beyond the basic black and white view of life. Whether you need a thoughtfully written article, white paper, or marketing piece I can help. Embracing all forms of communication is my goal. 


Each situation is unique. Each word has meaning. Each photo tells a story. All forms of communicating, branding, and storytelling should be honored.

Whether it is text, photos, design–your need is my concern. I take the time to listen, analyze, and work with you to accomplish a final product that will make you proud.

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Specifically? I am a writer and communicator through and through. I am currently seeking opportunities which will utilize my passion for telling people's stories.

I was born in the Bluegrass but have been in Nashville for most of my life. I've worked in bars, corporate offices, an ad agency, a music management company, a printing company, a big time real estate company and a small town newspaper. The arts, specifically graphic design and writing, are my third career following 16 years in business management and a few years in sales.

All this experience combines to make my unique set of skills. I am a writer, reporter, photographer, graphic designer, blogger, and student of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Fluent in sarcasm, full of laughter, and able to spin a good yarn. I can mix a mean martini, among other things, and I love entertaining.

 I'm just trying to figure it all out and see where I fit in and how I can make a living doing something I love.